Nostalgic for America


Good old American country culture where rednecks at the honky-tonk and guys who do the dougie are friends.


A Necessary ‘Modern’ Read

‘Brooks believes DuPont wants the program to fail. “They poisoned the world,” he says. “A successful medical monitoring program would give us much better data on the links between this chemical and various diseases, and DuPont would have so much liability that it couldn’t possibly compensate everyone.”’

‘“DuPont deceived as many people as they could deceive as for as long as they could,” Jim Tennant told me. “Now that their secrets are out and they’ve been forced to clean up the water, they’re starting again with a new set of chemicals. This isn’t a fight that will be won in my lifetime.”’

If you’re concerned about plastic, please read this courageous and beautifully written piece by Mariah Blake who is a Murrey Marder Nieman Fellow in Watchdog Journalism at Harvard University and is working on a book about plastics.


‘A City is Not a Computer’

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It doesn’t usually take me very long to feel a bit queasy around people who are convinced that technology and ‘high-tech’ will ‘save the world’. Your body including your legs and brain are the highest technology out there, and all you need, really. We can’t make Nature ‘better’, we can only learn to understand and respect Nature.

A city is not a computer, and we can’t fetishize algorithms without forgetting about many intangible sensations and feelings that affect action. (Read the full article referred to in the title here )

‘Our current paradigm, the city as computer, appeals because it frames the messiness of urban life as programmable and subject to rational order.’

We aren’t here in life to learn how to control every external situation. I really don’t think that’s the point.  We’re here to learn how to accept uncertainty, and realise that our own inner happiness doesn’t stem from external situations, but from something we can control- our own actions that come from within ourselves. Something that you fashion.




Stop the Arms Race, plant organic food instead.

‘President Franklin D. Roosevelt once said that one of the main freedoms is freedom from fear. Today, the burden of fear and the stress of bearing it is felt by millions of people, and the main reason for it is militarism, armed conflicts, the arms race, and the nuclear Sword of Damocles.’

Governments stop increasing your spending on militarisation and instead spend that money on creating small scale organic farms and investing in renewable energy to make populations around the world independent from oil, and happy.

This may sound childish and naive, but once this inner child is lost, we forget how to be happy, and what’s the point of living, when you’ve lost sight of happiness. Nurture your inner child. Go plant your favourite foods. Small scale. ‘Investing in small-scale farmers can help lift over 1 billion people out of poverty [and probably more]’.





Retiring a Pair of Shoes


My dad bought these shoes for me in 2007, when I was in grade 8. I’ve worn them throughout the weeks for a good ten years. They’ve seen many things. Why just dump them out? Being sentimental, something key for sustainability and connecting with Nature, I decided to put them on display for a while, until, perhaps I’m able to frame them in some way. It’s great to be able to look at a pair of worn out shoes, (that aren’t necessarily completely worn out, although the more worn the better, I guess), and to feel nostalgic for all the places and memories you walked with them in.

If you don’t care much for your shoes, don’t buy them, and don’t just toss them in the garbage. Hack them, and make them into something else (a planter?), or drop them off at a convenient shoe recycling location (Thanks Nike).


-Le Flâneur

The ‘new’ Renaissance



I was reading some of Vivienne Westwood’s published diary and came across her thoughts on the renaissance era we are currently living in, an era where ancient knowledge is being re-discovered.

During the Renaissance period between the 14th and 17th centuries,  ‘Basic, common-sense “truths” that had stood un- questioned for centuries, even millennia, were eroding away. The Earth did not stand still. The sun did not revolve around it. The “known” world wasn’t even half of the whole. The human heart wasn’t the soul; it was a pump. In mere decades, printing boosted the production of books from hundreds to millions per year, and these weird facts and new ideas traveled farther, faster than had ever been possible.’

Ancient texts dating before the time of Christ that live on in many of today’s indigenous cultures tell us many things about what life is all about etc. that seem to be re-surfacing in today’s trends. Things like, understanding that plants and trees are all networked together and communicate with each other, and that plants and water react to the emotions you share with them. People are cutting meat out of their diets, questioning the ‘status quo’, and demanding sustainable living. Instead of the printing press, today we have the interwebs, accessible to more and more people around the world, helping them, in the same way Pinocchio became a real boy through his educational struggles, become not puppets, but real men and women, boys and girls, who live from their hearts, minds, bodies, and souls.

Carry on, people of the world, be yourselves, be courageous in Love, and in the process of practicing Love you’ll directly be re-connecting to Earth and putting a halt to climate change. #climaterevolution #fashionfutures #love #peace #earth #justbe




-Le Flâneur

Why do I choose to go vegan?


It’s hard being vegan. Even for someone like me. I ate cheese yesterday, but didn’t realise I ordered it, but I ate it anyways, because it was in front of me, and I was weak. I ate feta and cream at brunch today. There is regret. It takes a lot of effort to be yourself in today’s world. I didn’t forget to thank and pray for the cows and goats though. You can only pray so much however and if you aren’t taking any action the praying probably isn’t coming from the heart.

So it’s ‘Veganuary’, as disgusting as that may sound to some… But hey! The Animal Agriculture Industry is the number one contributor to green house gases and human induced Climate Change.  And if, unlike Trump, you hopefully believe that climate change is real, like me and many others, you’ll decide to go vegan, at least a couple times a week, if not everyday.

Choosing to go vegan however hasn’t just been an ethical issue; being vegan has provided a number of quality of life benefits (aside from making me less anxious and more hopeful that Climate Change will slow down if more people go vegan):

-clear skin

-higher energy levels

-lower food bills (in theory, as meat becomes less and less subsidized, and more vegetables and other crops are planted to feed people and not livestock).

But where do you get your protein from?

When people say that plants have feelings too… Plants don’t show the clear feelings of fear and pain that cows, pigs, chicken, and fish do. Plants don’t quite run away. Plants were designed to be harvested. Humans designed ways to hunt and kill, by choice. Have you ever seen or read about a man killing a deer, antelope or cow just with their teeth? Nope humans aren’t lions.

The milk of other animals was meant for the babies of those animals, not for humans! 

And if you think that the dairy industry in Europe is humane, small dairy farms seem to be quickly disappearing

And unless you really know where your eggs came from…  Don’t eat them.

At the end of the day, since all animals and animal products originate from plants, instead of inefficiently going through animals for nutrients, why not just go straight to plants? Well maybe because more land in the USA, for example, is used for Animal Agriculture rather than edible plant agriculture, so fresh veg is generally more expensive than it ought to be…

Anyways less talk, and more action! Go vegan and plant more vegetables.