The Unofficial or Official Rules of Dressing up for Carnivale

carnviale 1

After spending a few days observing the people who dress up in what may be traditional Carnivale garb (As seen above) , it was interesting to notice a few things that seemed to be unwritten rules of how to execute the complete Carnivale get-up:

1) Stay silent, communicate by making tilting gestures with your head

2) Walk in a manner symbolic of a mysterious ghost or floating spirit

3) (If you’re dressed as a woman in a gown) Whip out your fan to add a greater sense of mystery to your look, and pose behind your fan as tourists photograph you

4) Some tourists may think they should give you some monetary compensation for posing for their photos, but no-all posing is done in festive spirit.

As  I didn’t know well enough to prepare months in advance for a costume to wear for Carnivale I met a nice lad originally from Iran to give me some fresh paint:


I’ll have to wait until next time (Whenever that may be!) to actually get my complete Carnivale costume on…


Living in a Dream

venezia love

A trip to Venice. It was my first time in the city-or rather a wonderland. The historical city center of Venezia is almost too good to be true-especially during Carnivale– which happened to begin the weekend we arrived.

As I wondered about Venice in sweet solitude on a warm and sunny day, I finally felt like I was in one of those movie scenes that take place at some table outdoors, in the sunshine, with a nice glass of wine and a pizza or pasta in Italy (Winning an Oscar really does get more Tourism!):

the lunch

Every city has its dark underbelly that goes unseen by tourists however. As the stereotypical tourist to Venice may be symbolized by this popular sticker:

the tourist

But I met someone on a Venetian street who works to bring some light to such a potentially dark Venetian underbelly.

with fabio

That’s Fabio- he works with an Italian NGO that helps young people rid themselves of drug addictions. He’s half Croatian and half Italian, and was a former drug-addict himself. He’s a nice guy, so I took a photo with him!