Oh yeah, ‘and about our house, it moves’…

It started out with a dumpster.

Schermata 2015-10-12 alle 23.24.11

And grew into the baby casa Kasita.

For the nomadic someone who, like me, enjoys minimalist urban home-making but is rarely even more than 50% sure as to which city they will be living in for the next 5 years…

Hoping this project turns out well for the urban aware everywhere.

PS I don’t own that photo, Kasita does.


Hong Kong Ladies

This morning I’m writing from Singapore, but this video of the relationship with the ladies of Hong Kong and their mode of dress was so cute, honest, and well done that I must share it.

Chicken Rice, Near Beach Road


Taking Miss Sara of California around Singapore for her first time during her layover before another flight.

This chicken rice shop used to be a small ‘hole in the wall’ 2 years before this photo was taken. Now the shop has expanded into the store next door.

Contrast, China Town 牛车水


For many, it may seem a bit strange that a country in Asia would have a Chinatown, particularly a country in Asia that has a significantly Chinese population. Notice the contrast between the colonial shop-houses lining the street and the skyscrapers from Singapore’s CBD in the background. A city of contrasts and differences, as all worldly cities are. Such cities bring together and unite differences.