Fashion Week Discoveries

Fashion weeks are exciting, beautiful, laborious and get you thinking. Attending and working backstage at Milan, London, and Paris fashion weeks were invaluable experiences, and I met some amazing people. Exposing myself to these events made me realise however that I don’t want to invest my time to become an unpaid intern just to land a pre-existing job in an industry in need of more deliberate reformation.

By the second week I was on my way to the Ferragamo show and passed by a homeless man prostrated on the floor, seemingly unconscious or asleep with his hand sticking out as if waiting to accept help or a handful of coins- a sadly typical urban scene, I know- but I really took it to heart, and my heart told me that it didn’t make sense to continue fighting for this pre-existing spot in a largely self-absorbed industry in need of massive change. I love fashion, but aside from being the second most polluting industry in the world, spending hundreds of thousands to millions of euros on a fifteen minute show with a rocket ship that moves up and down isn’t fashionable, and shouldn’t be the future. Can someone please change the channel?

I got over the spectacle of it all and got used to walking in to and/or saying hi to people like The Sartorialist (street photographer Scott Schuman), Anna Wintour, Suzy Menkes, Anna dello Russo, Caroline Issa, Christian Louboutin, and Rihanna. They’re just people doing their jobs and being celebrated for it. Go follow your heart and do your job, in fact following your heart is your job.




Oh yeah, ‘and about our house, it moves’…

It started out with a dumpster.

Schermata 2015-10-12 alle 23.24.11

And grew into the baby casa Kasita.

For the nomadic someone who, like me, enjoys minimalist urban home-making but is rarely even more than 50% sure as to which city they will be living in for the next 5 years…

Hoping this project turns out well for the urban aware everywhere.

PS I don’t own that photo, Kasita does.

Vanessa Paradis on fashion

‘Fashion is better when it’s lively’

‘It does transform your allure, your walk…I guess yeah, your attitude’

‘When you’re an actor it does so much for your work’

‘You have the envelope [your clothes], and the envelope sort of digs in, and helps you find your character.’

‘So clothes have a really important part in our everyday lives, and in our jobs, and it’s fun.’

‘Oh, I do use clothes to hide, a lot’